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dakotachris asked:

Yo i really like your page and from seeing what your into on here i think you should go to my page and check out the music on there, its a video and a E.P i know youll fuck with it, if you do like it feel free to reblog it.

no, i never reblog unless it’s like right up my way so

yowoogzfamilymember asked:

Yo what's up I'm Woogz from Epitome Family, which is a record label me and my brothers started outta Rockford, IL. I saw you are a fan of good music and I'd appreciate you lending us your ears and checking out some of our music. If one of my brothers already hit you up about the music I apologize and I appreciate you taking the time to listen.. Hit me back!

i have know idea where Rockford is so i’m guessing America and i have know idea what IL is so….. i’m from Australia by the way

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